Nobody wants their wedding day to end. It’s the biggest and most special day of your life and most couples say that it flies by. This is one of the reasons why choosing a good photographer is very important as they capture those special moments and make them live on even after the day is finished. Another way of doing this is by having a wedding guest book. A guest book usually has a picture of the happy couple on the front and blank pages inside for guests to write congratulatory messages. Whilst this is a very nice tradition we are now finding that brides are starting to look for alternative & creative wedding guest book ideas. Here are some of our favourites!

The wedding photo surround:

This is one of the most popular guest book alternatives at the moment. Visit any art or crafts shop and you will be able to pick up a cardboard surround in almost any colour and size. Most people tend to opt for a white or ivory colour. Simply place the surround on a designated table at your wedding along with a selection of felt tip and marker pens. It is a good idea to get one of your bridesmaids or groomsmen to go round and encourage your guests to fill it in. Afterwards, simply put one of your wedding pictures in a frame along with the surround and you will have a lovely keepsake!

The wedding typewriter:

If you love vintage and are having a vintage style wedding then I know that you will absolutely love this idea. Finding an old typewriter is not as hard as you may think especially on sites like e-bay! Typewriters can cost anywhere from£40 to £200 depending on your budget. However, considering the hours of entertainment and the wonderfully bourgeois style messages you will have at the end of the day it is most definitely worthwhile!

The wedding recipe card:

This is probably one of the most unusual alternative guest books that we have come across. You send out a blank recipe card with your wedding invites and ask your guests to bring the completed cards to the wedding. At the wedding, you can either have a folder or a note card holder for guests to place their recipe ideas in. This way you end up with a completely personal and very special recipe book that is sure to help in the lifelong quest for marital bliss!

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