Welcome to the second part of our wedding money saving tips feature!

Decorate your own tables

I once went to a friend’s wedding in York and helped to set up her wedding breakfast. It was the kind of wedding where she had done most of the work herself and it was still like something from a dream. That particular wedding was a real inspiration to me. She decorated her tables in a way that I haven’t seen anyone do since and I am going to share it with you today.

In the run-up to the wedding, she bought a lot of knickknacks and accessories in complementary colours.  She placed a spread out napkin in the centre of the table and prettily arranged the things she had bought on it. There were things like small vases, candles, statues, and ornaments. She then placed a handful of flowers into the vases. It looked amazing! Try trawling your local charity shop where you are sure to pick up things like this for very little money. Floral centre-pieces prepared by a professional florist will set you back an arm and a leg. Doing something like what my friend did will easily half the cost of your spend on flowers.

Create your own photo albums

Wedding photographers are charging an average of £1000 per wedding these days. However, they have been bitten by the recession in the same way that everyone else has. This has caused some of them to run special offers and packages. Some photographers will now take and provide the photos and leave you to organise them or put them in an album. By doing it this way you could save anything up to £200 off your photography costs. Why not make your own wedding scrapbook and use some of your photos in that? Scrapbooks are no longer all lolly-sticks and newspaper cuttings. They are things of style, design and elegance. This way you can have a comprehensive memory of your wedding with your photos, invites, messages from guests and anything else that you want to include. A scrapbook will usually cost you about £30 and all you need to add are your memories and a dash of creativity!

We hope that these tips have been useful to you!

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