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There once was a time when wedding planners were just for the rich and famous. Nowadays though there are a lot more wedding planners out there who offer a range of services at costs to suit all sorts of budgets. We have met a number of wedding planners and event agencies over the years and so we thought that we would give our Isle of Wight brides the low-down on hiring a wedding planner.

You will find that most venues have experienced wedding planning and events staff in-house. At The Spinnaker, we have a dedicated and experienced team who can help with all aspects of your wedding breakfast and other wedding festivities. You can hire an external wedding planner who can help with anything from booking florists to making wedding favours. It all depends on your requirements and budget.

Levels of service

Most wedding planners in offer a number of different packages. Firstly there will be a comprehensive wedding package where they will take the reins and organise every last detail for you. This is great for couples who are short on time. Secondly, there will be the option of hiring them to conduct your finishing touches such as venue design and set up. This is great for brides who need a bit of creative help and inspiration. Lastly, you could just hire a wedding planner to be there on the big day and ensure that everything runs smoothly. This is a good idea for all couples as it allows them to forget about the logistics and just enjoy their day.

Choosing a planner

There are a number of ways that you can look for a wedding planner. Many of them will advertise in the local wedding magazines and local wedding fayres. You can also look on the internet or ask your friends and family for recommendations. Your church or service venue may also have a planner that they work with on a regular basis who they can recommend.  It is always a good idea to ask for testimonials from previous couples that your perspective planner has worked with. Also, make sure that you meet with them in person as you don’t want to hire them and then find that there is a bit of a personality clash!

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