We all want the wedding of our dreams and we might have met prince charming but we still live in the real world. We can only really afford as much as our budget will allow and we have to spend this money on the things that really matter. However, there are things that you can do that will look great but not cost the earth! Here are a few tips and tricks that will help you save money but still have a unique and stylish wedding.

Decorate your own cakes

The average wedding cake costs about £150 in the UK. This can easily go up to about £300 if you want something highly decorative and fancy. We all know that cupcakes have been in fashion as an alternative to the standard fruit cake. Cupcakes are very cheap to buy pre-made in the supermarket, that’s if you don’t want to bake them yourself, and really easy to decorate.

Why not have a cupcake decorating party with your bridesmaids a week or so before the wedding? Get lots of icing sugar, writing icing tubes, sprinkles, marzipan and shape cutters. Ice the cakes in pink and then cut out a love heart shape from white marzipan and place it on top. Finish with some sprinkles or edible pearls. This is one way of injecting personality into your wedding and your guests will love these edible delights! This can be easily done for around £60 which is less than half the price of the average wedding cake! If you don’t want to use cupcakes then why not try a cake pop instead?

Make your own invitations

As a minimum, you will be paying about £2.00 per wedding invite that you buy. If you have 100 guests that’s £200 you will be looking at spending. This is not to mention the cost of place name settings, menus, and a seating plan. Once you add all of this up you can easily be looking at £400. An alternative to paying this is to buy yourself a couple of packs of blank cards, a pack of 50 will usually set you back approximately £5.00, buy a selection of coloured cards and patterned paper and design the cards yourself. Try using a love heart shaped craft punch and some sticky gems. Print the inserts on your home PC. You should expect to be able to buy the materials you need for all of your wedding stationery for less than £100.

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