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Recently I caught up with one of our lovely couples from August 2016 and asked if they wanted to take part in our real weddings blog. I was really pleased when they said yes since this wedding is pretty unique.

So, are you ready to take a look into this intimate wedding as Katie tells us all about how they both met and how she visioned her wedding day to be with elements of the seaside and its laid back atmosphere. It really is a beaut!

The Love Story-  

We met for the first time one evening when I went to a fitness class at TJ’s Gym in Sandown, Dan was working a shift at the gym. We had our first date a few weeks later, after which we saw each other every day and actually moved in together within a few months.

Dan proposed on an evening beach walk, living in Shanklin at the time as this was something we did regularly. So, it was a total surprise to me when he finally popped the question. Apparently, he had it planned for a little while – even asking for my Dad’s permission, bought a ring and booked a table for dinner that evening.

Within the space of a few weeks, we’d had quite a bit of exciting news to tell people as we had also found out I was pregnant. Therefore, I could not have that celebratory drink.

The vision of the day – 

We really wanted to keep the wedding as laid back as possible and still be classy.  We chose to have the ceremony at The Spinnaker as Dan’s family have lived in Bembridge for years and I have a big love for the sea and beach. As Bembridge is surrounded by beautiful beaches it seemed the perfect place to be married.

I like very little fuss and was adamant the day would be relaxed and enjoyable for all our guests. No pressure to be suited and booted, no silver service dining or long drawn out speeches – we just wanted everybody to have fun. Oh and a Mustang – I have ALWAYS wanted an old school Mustang as a wedding car!

Between the two of us, we have a large family and a lot of friends that we wanted at the wedding. We wanted everybody to be comfortable at the venue, The Spinnaker’s rooms and garden were ideal for our ceremony. As I was going to be 7 months pregnant by then and it was a summer – We were very lucky to have such gorgeous sunshine and it was lovely to be able to enjoy drinks in The Spinnaker patio garden before going on to our next venue for the wedding breakfast at Brading Haven Yacht Club.


After drinks at The Spinnaker, we were driven in the Mustang to Point Beach where we got some stunning photos and some funny looks from locals having a day on the beach while we posed around in our wedding attire.

Our photographer was well-known Island photographer Steve Thearle. In the past, I have used Steve’s images in publications I have worked on and have always loved his work. Steve, also photographed my parent’s wedding some 35+ years ago! So it just seemed fitting that he should also be at our wedding photographer too. We are very grateful for the beautiful images he supplied and would always recommend his services.

The Dress- 

The actual dress I wore on the day was my 3rd dress, from a company called Seraphine. The first dress I bought was so stunning but I was unable to sit down in it and the 2nd was just too big. I finally, chose a shorter summer dress and thank goodness I did or I would have melted in the sun if it had been any bigger. We were lucky enough to have about 26-28 degree heat. It was just glorious!

Hair & Makeup- 

All the ladies and I in the wedding party had their hair by Claire….. she did a fantastic job. We got ready for the day at my parent’s house. Lauren Newland did all our makeup and I have to say I was incredibly impressed. It was flawless, lasted all day and was so tasteful. Thank you, Lauren, especially for the fab eyebrows!

Groom & Groomsmen Fashion- 

Dan and his Best Man, a childhood friend – Richard’s suits were from Osborne’s in Ryde. We finally, decided on a light grey suit with a waistcoat and spearmint coloured tie (which was almost lilac, I had to visit the store at a later fitting and corrected it!).

Bridesmaid Dresses-  

My bridesmaid’s dresses were spearmint. My great friend Ellie had a halter neck floor length Warehouse dress cinched at the waist and my 16-month-old niece Maddie wore a dress from Monsoon and carried dried rose petals in a basket.

The Wedding Car- 

Did, I mention that I ALWAYS wanted a Mustang, with a tip-off from a work colleague we managed to find a Mustang as our transport. Many thanks to Richard Weaver for his service and he helped make my wish come true.

The Wedding Cake- 

Our wedding cake was a gift from my amazing and talented friend Ellie at Frostbite Bakery, and she was also one of my bridesmaids. We gave her our colours and ideas and really left it in Ellie’s very capable hands – she made a stunning 3 tier ombre cake decorated with edible seashells. It was truly amazing and very scrumptious.


As I also work as a graphic designer, I knew exactly what look we wanted. Therefore, designing the invitations myself was a little project and I made it personal to my decor and colour scheme. They weren’t very formal invites, more of a postcard style in our colours and quite casual fonts.

The Wedding Day- 

When we arrived at The Spinnaker, myself, my Dad and Bridesmaid Ellie were taken to one of the hotel’s rooms for our Civil Ceremony preparations. All our guests gathered down in the main patron bar of The Spinnaker. My guests were asked to take their seats in The Stern Room for the ceremony. The Stern Room looked so elegant with its glittering chandelier and the long red carpet down the aisle, it was the perfect location for our Civil Ceremony. The day itself was so bright and beautiful that the room just filled with sunlight coming through the beautiful skylight.

We had chosen a song called “A life that’s good’ by Masie & Lennon, to walk down the aisle to.

Little Maddie and Ellie led the way up the red carpet (It did take a little persuasion for Maddie bless her!) It’s funny, I had not once been nervous about the day until that final moment when my Dad grabbed my hand to walk down the aisle and those butterflies finally started to make an appearance. Our registrar was a lovely bubbly lady who put everybody at ease, making us all laugh whilst we took our vows. The room was great – simple and elegant, exactly what we wanted.

Our Drinks Reception

We offered our guests a glass of sparkling wine or Pimms & lemonade outside in the patio at The Spinnaker. My Dad gave me his speech out in The Spinnaker’s patio garden. Steve our photographer got some great shots from the roof of the hotel! Thank goodness for parasols – the sun was incredible that day.

We couldn’t have organised our big day without the help of our parents. Their help with organisation and advise on elements of the day was invaluable. Ashleigh at The Spinnaker – she and her team did a wonderful job. The organisation was excellent and the day went without fault.

So, when the time came for us to leave The Spinnaker, our guests gathered outside to wave goodbye and throwing some confetti as we walked down the red carpet to our Mustang.  We then headed on to Brading Haven Yacht Club for our wedding breakfast and live music. At this point, we took a lovely drive down to the beach for some photos.

Our favours were handmade pots by my mum! As the wedding featured a lot of beach/sea elements, she made pots that looked like sand with a pool of water (melted turquoise glass) in them – very pretty and unique. It seems our guests loved them just as much as we did, as we noticed they took several of them home! My mum really directed the table decorations! She helped me decided how to set the table decor up. With the help of lighting from Neil Lilley – we had fairy lights trailing around pillars and ceiling. It really helped to create a nice ambience for the evening party.

Our live music was by my cousins’ partner – Joe Staunton, he sings at venues across the Island. It was lovely to hear his acoustic guitar and fantastic voice, out on the patio at Brading Haven.

The Honeymoon- 

As I was quite heavily pregnant, a short honeymoon weekend on the Island was ideal. We stayed in an amazing B&B on Bembridge beach, The Garland. An absolutely beautiful house and grounds, with hosts that made us so welcome. We can’t rate this place highly enough, such an idyllic place to stay.

Little advice from The Bride-
The best advice I can give for planning a wedding is, do not forget to enjoy the day. It may sound silly but you spend an awful lot of your time organising the day and making sure everything is perfect. That when the big day finally arrives, you then spend all your time dashing from person to person and not actually getting much time to stand back, breathe and just take in what’s going on around you.

Everybody will be enjoying themselves regardless of what colour your napkins are, or if the DJ played the wrong song and if your hair fell out of place. Above all, just enjoy this time with your new partner, family, and your friends. It’s a day you may never have again. You have brought everybody together to celebrate and that’s exactly what you should do.


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